WalletConnect Cloud is Live!

We have a new website, a new domain, and a brand-new infrastructure, including a developer dashboard with WalletConnect Cloud for our new v2.0 protocol. You can register an api key for free today.

Three months ago, we announced our new v2.0 protocol, which brings to life numerous new features and improvements that many projects have been requesting. Most importantly, v2.0 is designed to be both chain-agnostic and support multi-chain to embrace the latest development with blockchain application and wallets.

WalletConnect v2.0 is the result of almost three years of production use of our protocol to connect hundreds of applications and wallets together in the most universal and interoperable way possible.

To this date, beta testers have already gotten access to our Javascript SDK and reported great feedback, allowing us to improve even further before making the first stable release. Both Swift and Kotlin SDKs are getting very close to their first alpha releases and will be ready in the upcoming weeks for wallets to support it on both iOS and Android.

To provide the best service with the highest reliability and performance, we are launching our WalletConnect Cloud. Any developer or project can easily register an account to generate api keys to use our new infrastructure.

WalletConnect Cloud aggregates years of experience running infrastructure for WalletConnect to ensure that apps can guarantee the best service even during the most demanding peak times.

WalletConnect v2.0, just like the previous version, can run on self-hosted infrastructure and does not require projects to run on our Cloud. In addition, since the new protocol uses Waku decentralized messaging, we can relay messaging between self-hosted and cloud-hosted servers.

We introduced api keys to ensure we can provide the best service possible, but the service stays free as it did for the previous version. Soon, we will be rolling out new features, products, and services for our Cloud services that will allow developers to focus on building the best wallets and dapps possible.

WalletConnect’s goal is to provide the best suite of tools for Web3 development. With our new .com domain and website, we will focus on improving both the developer and user experience for blockchain.

WalletConnect v1.0 infrastructure will still be available until v2.0 surpasses it in adoption. When this happens, we will start a 6-month sunset for the v1.0 infrastructure.

Today, we invite everyone to register with WalletConnect Cloud and start reading the documentation for our v2.0 protocol. Then, follow our blog posts for more technical deep-dives into how v2.0 protocol works.

Visit walletconnect.com and register today!

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