Introducing WalletConnect Cloud Registry

The WalletConnect ecosystem has grown so rapidly in the last year that we have struggled to keep up with every new integration. Our open-source app registry continues to accumulate more and more submissions but we don’t have enough bandwidth to review all of them.

Introducing the new App Registry submission available on WalletConnect Cloud!

Our new submission form for the WalletConnect Cloud Registry can be easily accessed from your WalletConnect Cloud account, instead of submitting a Github issue on our repository which can take months to review. We now have a much faster process to review submissions that are included into our Registry API.

On your dashboard you will be able to track draft, pending, rejected and approved submissions. Another benefit of the cloud registry is that authors can easily update their listing. Need to update a deep link? No problem!

If you would like to edit or claim an existing registry item, email us at to help migrate the listing to your account.

Additionally we have outlined clear guidelines for registry submissions that will be used for our review process so make sure to read them here before submitting.

Our new App Registry will serve the homepage listing of Dapps and Wallets that support WalletConnect protocol just like before and also serve the SDK Modal used for mobile linking currently present on Dapps.

The Registry API will still be served through the same endpoints and they will be backwards-compatible so no changes are required if you are fetching the latest registry file.

We are planning to extend features for our App Registry now that it has been incorporated into WalletConnect Cloud. In the future, you will be able to assign projectIds in your account to registry submissions.

Go to and try out our new submission form.

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